Frequently Asked Questions


Prices are not visible by default when you're standing outside the network of UT . You can solve this by setting up a VPN connection or login.
Several services have set specific conditions to limit the assortment. If you do not agree with this, please contact your own service .
It is not possible as 'student' to order hardware products through this portal. For notebooks , please visit the Notebook Service Centre.
Products or accessories that are not offered through the portal , can be ordered through the regular procurement process .
Products that are described in the remark field are not treated.
The ordering process is as follows :
  • When you have filled the shopping cart , click 'to order process'. You get some additional information about the ordering process.
  • When you click on "Next” you will receive a web form in which you have to complete the required information.
  • At the end of this web form you will receive a summary page stating all details and products.
  • When you agree with the terms and send in the form (this take some seconds), you will receive a confirmation e-mail within minutes.
  • The order is then sent for approval via a digital process. The GKS system determines who is responsible for approval.
  • The person responsible for approving automatically receives an email in which he/she is asked to approve or reject the order involved. The approval of a second person is requested for sums exceeding € 5,000.00 euro.
  • After approval, the order is automatically sent to LISA and the supplier.